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Sugar Snap Pea and Endive Salad from Cheri at Skinny Chick

Sugar Snap Pea and Endive Salad from Cheri at Skinny Chick

Sugar Snap Pea and Endive Salad from Cheri at Skinny Chick

Summer is officially here, bringing long hazy days spent trying to beat the heat. What could be more in order than a fuss-free meal that involves no cooking? Cheri from Skinny Chick has just the recipe. She offers this delightful salad featuring sugar snap peas, endive and a light vinaigrette. Oh, and don’t forget a gentle dusting of Parmesan cheese! Read the full recipe here.

About the blogger

Cheri Liefeld is a recipe developer, food writer and cooking instructor. She offers easy, healthy recipes for family meals, entertaining ideas and ideas for cooking with kids on her blogs Skinny Chick and Adventures in the Kitchen.


Endive Cashew Slaw + A Giveaway, from Rachael of La Fuji Mama

Endive Cashew Slaw + A Giveaway, from Rachael of La Fuji Mama

Endive Cashew Slaw + A Giveaway, from Rachael of La Fuji Mama

We can’t believe that our OnDiva campaign, started back in December 2011, is drawing to a close. We have been honored to partner with five spectacular food bloggers–Carolyn, Dara, Paula, Rachael and Winnie–to help spread the word about endive and all its versatile deliciousness. These talented culinary stars have tempted us with everything from California Endive and Homemade Boursin and Smoked Salmon to French Onion and Endive Soup with Pancetta to Kid-Friendly Ham and Cheese Endive Nachos. Of course there was a helpful tutorial on How to Grill Endive tying in beautifully to the Grilled Endive Caprese Salad.

Today, Rachael from La Fuji Mama, launches us tastefully into summer with her Asian-inspired Endive Cashew Slaw. What’s more, she’s giving away a shipment of freshly packed California Endive so that you can try any one of these amazing recipes yourself. Read the full post and recipe here and enter to win!

Stay tuned for our recipe round-up featuring links to all of the OnDiva inspiration from the last six months!

Grilled Endive Caprese Salad from Winnie of Healthy Green Kitchen

Grilled Endive Caprese Salad from Winnie of Healthy Green Kitchen

Grilled Endive Caprese Salad from Winnie of Healthy Green Kitchen

In her final post as one of our beloved OnDivas, Winne from Healthy Green Kitchen proves that California endive feels at home in summery dishes. Her take on the classic Caprese salad will have you firing up the grill to add some smoky endive (and loving it)!

For the full recipe, visit Healthy Green Kitchen. Then check out all of Winnie’s endive posts!

Thank you, Winnie, for all of your endive inspiration! (You can continue to find Winnie at her blog, on Twitter and Facebook.)

How to Grill Endive, from Paula of Bell’alimento

How to Grill Endive

How to Grill Endive

Just in time for grilling season, OnDiva Paula from bell’alimento gives us her tips on mastering the grill. Find out her favorite veggies for grilling, and while you’re there, check out the rest of her endive recipes!

What are some of your favorite foods to grill during the summer?

Recipe Round-up

Grilled Endive with Rosemary Marinade

Grilled Endive with Rosemary Marinade

Here at Discover Endive, we’ve perused the internet and found some delicious California Endive recipes we’d like to share. Visit the links below and you’ll find something you can try tonight!



Here are a few facts about California Endive you may not know:

  • Due to its unique growing cycle, both red and white California Endive are in season all year long.
  • Once you’re ready to use endive, there’s no need to wash it. The leaves have never been exposed to soil, and are harvested and packed under sanitary conditions.
  • Store endive wrapped in a damp paper towel inside a plastic bag in the vegetable drawer of your refrigerator, and it will last up to 14 days!

And now to those recipes:

  • A great dip recipe from Food Network’s Giada De Laurentiis, using California Endive spears as the “slimmer dipper.”
  • Debi Shawcross pulled together this wonderful California Endive recipe for a summer night’s picnic.
  • Before grilling weather disappears, try this wonderful marinade and technique from Jill Hough and Discover Endive. Grilled California Endive is spectacular!

Tell us your favorite way to prepare California Endive!

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