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Endive Tart Tatin from Faith at An Edible Mosaic

Edible Mosaic Endive Tart Tatin

An Edible Mosaic: Endive Tart Tatin

Faith from An Edible Mosaic proves that you can have your cake and eat it too. As she writes:

“When a girl gets a huge box of endive, after she shares some of the loot with her neighbors and makes endive salad a couple times, what’s she to do with it all?  If your mind went to dessert, you are truly in good company.”

Click through to her lovely food blog and read how she turned the queen of vegetables into a dessert fit for a king!

About the Faith:

I live in New York with the love of my life, my wonderful husband, Michael.  I enjoy reading (cookbooks mostly), watching movies (fantasy, horror, historical fiction, and thriller), traveling (to the Middle East in particular), and am enamored with ancient cultures (especially Rome and Egypt).  My favorite foods are grapes, spinach, and chicken makhani, and my vice is Swiss dark chocolate. 


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