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For the next week, we will be introducing you to our new panel of OnDivas. The OnDivas are each fabulous home cooks, creative recipe developers, talented food photographers and entertaining culinary writers all rolled into one. They are helping Discover Endive spread the word about California endive: the health benefits of eating endive, its value at the grocery store, and its versatility in your weekly menu. What’s more, this week the OnDivas offer you more wonderful holiday recipes and entertaining suggestions that will reduce your stress in the weeks to come!

Paula of bell'alimento

Paula of bell'alimento

Today, Paula, from bell’alimento shares one of her “go-to” recipes for holiday entertaining, as well as revealing some of her favorite memories and foods from this joyful season.

What foods or recipes do you find that you save for the holidays, only making them at this time of year?

When I think of Christmas foods for us it HAS to include my Mom’s Sugar Cookies, my Grandma’s Divinity and Fruitcake. It isn’t the holidays without those.

Finish this sentence: The holidays just aren’t the holidays without:________________?

My Family!

What is your favorite holiday movie, television special, character or song? 

My favorite Christmas song would have to be Brenda Lee’s “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.” My Mom would blare it every year while we were decorating the tree, and we’d dance and sing as loud as we could. Good times.

What is one go-to recipe for the holidays that you can share with the Discover Endive audience?

Easy appetizers that I can throw together at a moment’s notice. Crostini are my go-to appetizers. A favorite is this Sausage Crostini  

What is one tip, suggestion or piece of advice for the Discover Endive audience to cut back on stress during holiday entertaining and/or cooking? 

 Breathe and remember that your guests are there to see YOU and not the house.

Thanks, Paula!

Be sure to visit Paula’s food blog, bell’alimento for more great recipes and ideas. Stay tuned for another interview, recipe and tip with another fabulous OnDiva, coming tomorrow!


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