Guacamole and the California-style Dipper Endive

Author: Kara Mae Adamo.

Guacamole, an avocado-based dip initially fashioned by the Aztecs as early back as 500 BCE, has been, the world-over, from Mexico to Spain and even as far as Asia. In the 1500’s, the English brought it over to Europe. Sailors spread it on their hardtack, calling it “midshipman’s butter”. Guacamole is not only a lively paste full of spices and flavor, but it’s good for you, too. The following recipe is designed to help you reap the most health benefits from your guacamole.

Here are a few of the healthy ingredients in the following recipe (aside from the California Endives with which it is served—which are full of vitamin A, magnesium, fiber and folate.):

Avocado contains vitamin E, magnesium and mono-saturated fats (the “good” kind of fats). It helps fight breast cancer, prostate cancer and can improve your skin tone. Avocado also helps your body absorb nutrients from other foods. The lime juice in this recipe contains potassium; helps cleanse the blood and liver and can strengthen your immune system to help your body ward off illnesses. Lemon juice is helpful in preventing diabetes and kidney stones. The onions in the guacamole can lower high blood pressure and helps to ward off many forms of cancer.

Cilantro contains antioxidants and is helpful in relieving indigestion, nausea, bloating and urinary tract infections. Apple Cider vinegar is rich in enzymes, helps to reduce cholesterol, and is useful in maintaining body weight. It also promotes healthy skin and has anti-aging properties. The Himalayan Crystal Salt helps to stabilize blood sugar levels and regulate your heat beat. It also helps to improve cell communication and relieves the sinuses and lungs.

Extra Virgin Olive oil helps to reduce your blood pressure, increases your metabolism, and is helpful in alleviating asthma and arthritic inflammation. Cumin is a natural antioxidant. It improves your digestion, strengthens your immune system and helps fight off certain types of cancer.

Sources / Further Reading

The California Avocado Commission


A Serrano pepper (stems and seeds removed, minced)

3 ripe, medium Avocados

Juice from 1 Organic Lime (to taste)

2 Tbsp chopped fresh Cilantro

½ Tsp extra virgin olive oil

½ Tsp Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Juice from 1 Lemon

½ Tsp Cumin

2 cloves Garlic

¼ cup finely chopped Onion

¼ Tsp freshly ground Pepper

¼-½ Tsp Finally ground Himalayan Crystal Salt (to taste)

A dash of freshly grated black pepper

2 heads California Endive


Dice the tomato, garlic, cilantro and onions and set them aside. Cut the avocados in half and remove the seed. Scoop the avocado out from the peel and put it in a mixing bowl. Using a fork, mash the avocado. Add the rest of the ingredients (only half of the diced tomato) and mash the mixture together with the fork. Starting by only adding half of the chili pepper, gradually add it to the guacamole until it reaches the desired “heat” you’re looking for.

Sprinkle the rest of the tomatoes top before serving. You may also want to garnish this dish with red radishes or jicama. Separate the California Endive leaves and spread them around the bowl of guacamole in place of tortilla chips.

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Sources / Further Reading
The California Avocado Commission


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